Client Case Study: Revamping AnchorCert Group online

Client Case Study: Revamping AnchorCert Group online


The Challenge:

AnchorCert Group is a globally-renowned consumer safety and certification organisation, established orginally as an Assay Office in 1773. The Group has thrived through diversification, now offering consumer product safety services through five divisions: Assay Office Birmingham, AnchorCert Analytical, AnchorCert Gem Lab, SafeGuard Valuations and AnchorCert Academy.

As its services have grown, so too has its online presence. Previously, the Group operated a distinct and separate website for each division. Customer feedback suggested that this approach was limiting exposure of other divisional services; this was further validated through analysis of cross-selling success online.

The Objective:

To encourage cross-pollination across all Group websites, through compelling, creative content and clear sign-posting. To utilise all available data and analytics to improve customer experience, cross-fertilisation and lead generation/conversion.

The Solution:

Step 1: Review Google Analytics, use data to understand critical path by website
Step 2: Review creative to lift look and feel across all websites, to streamline customer experience across Group
Step 3: Create a Hub website, exploiting existing SEO, to house common Group information and provide a central redirection platform to each divisional webiste
Step 4: Review all content across each website, remove repetition, focus on keywords/SEO excellence and the implementation of a cohesive, commercial content strategy