No F 'n' B? Then what's in it for me?

No F n B? Then whats in it for me?


Before you start thinking about marketing budgets, planning, implementation or measurement, it’s critical that you understand and can articulate your features and benefits. This sounds like it should be a simple task, right? Wrong.

I’ve had many discussions over the years with clients trying to push a product or service to an audience that simply cannot see the benefit (often because it simply isn't there). Features and benefits are the essential added value, and increasingly, feelings, associated with your product or service. If delivered effectively, these are the messages which will entice and engage your customer.

Even businesses that have everything right still risk failure, if they are not prepared to think about changing how and what they communicate to their client base.

So, where to start..?

1. Grab a blank sheet of paper
2. List all the positive features that your business offers to your customers
3. Next each feature, detail the benefit to the customer
4. Review: Are all the benefits you’ve listed actually attractive? And how do these compare to the benefits offered by your competitors?

Once you have completed this exercise, it is worth getting a second and third opinion. Ask your colleagues, friends and family and even your regular customers to review them.
You might be surprised by what they say…

At the end of this review, you should end up with the building blocks that will form the basis of your marketing messaging and communications.
So, spending the time to really crystalise and agree your features and benefits, will pay dividends in the long run.