Reflections on personal branding...

Reflections on personal branding...


This might just be the creative colleagues I hang about with but we often joke about the fact that marketers are the worst at promoting themselves, their businesses and their personal brands.

I know (and laugh with) designers without active portfolios, web dev agencies with no websites, social media experts with passive feeds... these people are all excellent at what they do. So much so, they often don't have or take time out to work on their own brand image, in between clients.

Thankfully, though, most marketers are excellent relationship builders. And we all know that relationships absolutely count; so, with that in mind, wherever possible, it’s worth thinking about how you can start new ones!

I've decided to start as I mean to go and have taken the 'personal branding' plunge and hired a fabulous photographer, Lily, and had my first ever professinal photoshoot.

And it was amazing! And so much fun, greatly helped by Lily's exertise in directing me and helping me feel less self-conscious. More than a little bizarre as this would ususally be my role when working with clients!

I love the finished shots. I've already started using them on social media, they'll be used across the website and also on printed comms too.

I can't wait to see them in-situ! And to book another photoshoot for the summer!