Welcome to Living Content!

Welcome to Living Content!


It’s an exciting time to be a marketer. Though, to be honest, regardless of the client or campaign, I've always been excited about being a marketer.

I am a passionate generalist now but the trigger for my ambition to work in marketing was driven purely by my love of adverts.

Not advertising. I was way too young to really understand the nuances, psychology and breadth of marketing communications…

I just loved adverts. Often, in my opinion, they were better than the programmes they were interrupting. I loved the jingles, the slogans, the singing, the dancing… who knew cleaning products could bring so much spontaneous and unadulterated joy into so many people’s lives?

And what sort of minds could produce these amazing and memorable characters, who could inject humour into the mundane, or deliver such poignancy in 20-30 seconds?

Who were these people? All I knew was, I wanted to be one.

This is what I wanted to be when I grew up. A change maker. A message magician. A wizardly wordsmith!

My first ‘proper’ marketing role was in financial services, writing copy for fixed rate savings bonds and ISAs. Perhaps not the most exciting products for a young, eager marketer, but I didn’t care. I was excited! 

Apart from the legalese, I had (almost) free rein to write compelling and interesting copy… and sometimes, I even got to be a little cheeky or add some humour too! This is when I discovered that I had a very real and very serious addiction. Seeing my copy in print.

It’s a feeling only bettered when reviewing campaign ROI and realising that you have delivered on every single one of your objectives… seriously, this is the rush that marketers live for! This and good quality coffee…

I went on to work in several agencies, each teaching me valuable marketing (and life) lessons… some positive, some not so much… but boy, did I learn.

The most important take-aways?

Content matters – whether that’s copy, images, video, info-graphics, blogs, social… whatever. It matters. And its usually driven by solid research, audience intelligence and hard work. Digital is, of course the future, but if you can’t deliver on the content, then quite simply, you can’t deliver.

I also learnt to never burn bridges; the marketing industry is smaller than you think. And the mark of a great marketer, I think, is knowing your own strengths and being able to bring in other experts to play to theirs. So, whether you’re a digital diva or copy-writing chief, collaboration is key.

And, so I’m still excited. I think that’s important, whatever you do. As is self-belief and passion. And being happy.

I’ve always focused on the elements of the marketing mix that I have passion for, and so that passion has never waned. Do what you love. Love what you do.
That’s what I do, from embarking on a psychology degree last year to starting my new business, marketing consultancy Living Content, this year.

Because content is important and (like me) should evolve constantly!
And because being content is really important too.